In-Fix Shelving
A brand well known and appreciated world wide and orientated towards constant innovation and research for new solutions that increase the application fields. Quality cool room and dry store shelving renown for its robust and modular qualities.


Space Optimisation
  • Increment of 100mm in depth, width and height allows space to be fully utilized.
  • Elimination of the upright pole in the corner allows you to maximise the available space.
  • Easily adjustable shelves.
Maximum Hygiene
  • Ideal for food, chemical, pharmaceutical and hospital applications, where hygiene standards are very high.
  • Manufactured entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel or with polypropylene shelves washable in dishwasher, they guarantee easy cleaning.
Sturdiness and Quality
  • Sturdiness of materials, quality of design and production processes, great care for detail.
  • Resistance to chemical agents.
  • Resistance to aggressive agents such as alcohol, ammonia and other sterilizing products.
Resistance to Low Temperature
  • Ideal solution for storing foodstuffs inside positive and negative temperature and cold rooms (- 30).
  • stability of the structure is provided automatically according to the load therefore stabilizing braces are not required.
Compliance with Standards
  • Use of high quality non toxic materials , such as stainless steel and polypropelene suitable for contact with food stuffs and the total absence of screws and bolts guarantee hygiene and compliance with European HACCP REGULATIONS
Practical and Safe
  • IN-FIX SYSTEM® shelving is equipped with adjustable feet or castors, with or without brakes, allowing it to be moved easily.
  • Floor weight distribution plates are also available to prevent the floor from yielding due to the load.
  • Safety of the shelving is further guaranteed by the various wall, floor and ceiling fixings, and by the anti-roll bars that stop objects placed on the shelves from falling over in the event of movement (e.g. on ships).
  • The range of shelving is completed by the platforms in stainless steel and polypropylene.
  • These represent the best response to current health regulations, which forbid direct contact of foodstuffs with the floor.